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Be warned, however, that Frontier Herbs doesn't carry medieval cubeb any
longer.  As far as I and Alexandra from the Pepperer's Guild can tell,
commercial sources of medieval cubeb were wiped out during the 2004 Tsunami.

Peyton   > > > > >

I have called them and spoken with their "large Order" person.  They DO
carry the amounts in the small grinder gadgets for resale packaging.  I was
not able to secure any quantity of bulk spice, though.  I tried to get
anywhere from 10kg to 50kg.  I was told the simly do not stock that sort of
volume in bulk.

The only sources I had found for quantity involved shipping from Idonesia or
India, and I sinply could not figure out customs and shipping hurdles
involved.  It is so not my line of competance.  I could find simple FedEx
shipping methods, but it ended up with prices similar or greater than simple
retail online pricing.

niccolo difrancesco

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