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Sandra posted, in reply to Adamantius:
>From Randolph C. Williams' reprint of the 1796 edition of Hannah Glasse
>(long s retained):
>p. 190
>A Yorkfhire Pudding.
>Take a quart of milk and five eggs, beat them up well together, and mix
>them with flour until it is of a good pancake batter, and very fmooth; put
>in a little falt, some grated nutmeg, and ginger; butter a dripping or
>frying pan and put it under a piece of beef, mutton, or a loin of veal that
>is roafting, and then put in your batter, and when the top fide is brown,
>cut it in fquare pieces, and turn it, and then let the under fide be brown;
>then put it in a hot difh as clean of fat as you can, and fend it to 
>table hot.
>Phew - all one sentence!  So this isn't a (modern) "put the batter in a pan
>full of hot dripping and bake it" recipe, but something similar to older
>recipes of catching the juice dripping from meat as it roasts, but with
>batter in the pan instead of bread.  Also OOP, but older than I had been
>aware the name was in use.

OK, i am mystified (What?! Again?!)

The only way i have ever known to make Yorkshire pudding is to mix 
eggs, milk, flour, and seasonings and put it in a pan on a rack 
beneath a roast so the drippings fall into it. I don't remember where 
i got the recipe i used, but i know it didn't have all the spices 
that Hannah put in hers. Still, it was tasty.

I did this back when i was learning to cook (and it was a rather 
small roast) in the winter of 1967 and had my first apartment (in 
Manhattan). Meant i had some cleaning to do in that oven, but it was 
an interesting experiment. I only ever had eaten roast beef and 
Yorkshire pudding in the spring of 1962 in London at Claridge's, all 
rich woods and Victorian atmosphere...

I had no idea that people have been just baking batter mixed with 
drippings on its own! That seems like... like... well, like 

But, thanks for posting the recipe, Sandra. If i ever decided to do 
another roast at home, i'll give it a try with all those extra spices.
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