[Sca-cooks] yorkshire pudding

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Fri Jul 11 11:27:46 PDT 2008

These are batter or dripping puddings and I have to wonder if they might 
not have
made their way out of a recipe like this one for spit roasted pudding--
because Gervaise Markham  in his 1623 Countrey Contentments and later in 

English House-vvife of 1631 says:

To roast a pudding on a spit.

To roast a pudding vpon a spit, you shall mixe the pudding before spoken 
of in the legge of Mutton, neither omitting hearbes, nor saffron, and 
put to a little sweete butter and mixe it very stiffe: then fold it 
about the spit, and haue ready in another dish some of the same mixture 
well seasoned, but a great deale thinner, and no butter at all in it, 
and when the pudding doth beginne to roast, and that the butter 
appeares, then with a spoone couer it all ouer with the thinner mixture, 
and so let it roast: then if you see no more butter appeare, then baste 
it as you did the Pigge, and lay more of the mixture on, and so continue 
till all be spent: And then roast it browne, and so serue it vp.

Eventually, you get tired of the basting and just cook the pudding 
beneath the spitted roast.


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