[Sca-cooks] Soapstone pan or griddle?

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Gretchen Beck did speak thusly:

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>>Does anyone know more about cooking with soapstone pans? Special benefits
>>or problems with them? (well, other than potentially dropping and
>>shattering them) Where to purchase them?
>A quick websearch suggests that they heat very evenly and retain 
>heat for a long time. It's also ph neutral so it won't react with food.
>Here's a couple of companies:
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They also have the nice property of being rather non-stick as well. 
When properly polished and kept free of scratches (they do scratch 
easily), they are wonderful to cook on.

It's also a very easy material to carve which is one reason it was 
used to make pots. Griddles are easy, just get a flat slab. There are 
people out there you can buy soapstone from but it is likely you will 
only be able to get rough stone or prepared slabs and not finished cookware.


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