[Sca-cooks] yorkshire pudding

Gwen Barclay gwenb at cvtv.net
Mon Jul 14 15:56:17 PDT 2008

I have prepared a variation of the "Beef Roasted with Crisps" from Fabulous Feasts which was thoroughly enjoyed by guests here at a Shakespeare Forum a few years ago (not a SCA event). I added grains of paradise  which I am fond of using, along with suggested spices as a rub for red meats. A goodly amount of grainy mustard mixed with chopped fresh herbs forms a "wet" base for the spices to adhere to. 

I have no idea how much the recipe is considered in period, nor the Cosman book for that matter.  I do feel it is a good introductory resource book for newcomers to the study of food of the period.  Not feeling I am knowledgably enough to judge,  I just enjoy reading the postings on the SCA site and try to only rarely add a comment. 

What actually prompted me to respond is the recipe's method of cooking the crisps.  The batter is poured onto the roast which has been cooked to preferred degree and allowed to drizzle down the sides.  The fat drippings are left in the pan and flavor the batter that fall on it.  As I sliced the meat,  the feathery light crust - which browned beautifully - was served .  The crisps cooked on the dripping in the pan are a bonus.  Someone described the dish as an early Beef Wellington, made with puff pastry but this dish beats the tired 1950's recipe by a mile.

Pardon for waxing poetically and I hope no one was bored when reading my posting!

Gwen Barclay                                   

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