[Sca-cooks] OOP-OT Squash

Patricia Collum pjc2 at cox.net
Mon Jul 14 17:54:17 PDT 2008

There is a mexican recipe that uses yellow crooked neck squash and/or 
zuchinni. My daughter makes a slightly anglicized version:


3-4 yellow crooked neck squash and/or small zuchinni
small can of corn kernals and liquid or fresh kernals and juice sliced off 
two ears of corn
4 oz. cheddar cheese

Cube the squash and heat in a med. sauce pan with the corn until the yellow 
squash turns greenish; drain excess liquid, add the cheese and stir until 
cheese is melted.

Some of the local cooks I have talked to add Jalapeno peppers, canned green 
chilies or even tomatoes to the mix; but the lady who showed my daughter 
just used the corn, cheese and squash; which is how we cook it.

in AZ 

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