[Sca-cooks] 101 Frightening Ice Cream Flavors From Around The World : Who Sucks

Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius adamantius1 at verizon.net
Thu Jul 17 07:11:44 PDT 2008

On Jul 17, 2008, at 9:24 AM, Georgia Foster wrote:

> I actually went through the flavor list with my housemate ... who  
> just grimiced in the way he usually does when I discuss stuff like  
> that.  His reactions were most .... amusing.

Well, that's really the thing, isn't it? While I have to admit I don't  
look forward to a big bowl of squid ice cream myself, we need to  
realize that we're not the intended market for these products, and  
also that anything can be portrayed as anything within the range from  
quaint to amusing to disgusting, if one wishes to do so, which the  
people responsible for some of these websites clearly do.

Sweet potato ice cream? A third of the country, maybe more, thinks  
nothing of sweet potato pie, not to mention the equally bizarre, when  
you think about it, pumpkin pie. Same for some of the ice creams made  
with various bean paste variations; how are they any more strange than  
peanut butter?

Add to that the fact that wine ices, sorbets and granitas have become  
pretty commonplace in the haute cuisine of many countries, including  
the US, along with, to a lesser extent, garlic ices, curry ices, etc.  
These dishes are filling a rather different niche than Howard  
Johnson's VanChocStraw, and there's no reason they should apologize  
for it or be considered especially amusing.

> Actually a few of the flavors (red wine or Sweet Potato) don't sound  
> like they would be fully awful ... but the fish flavored ice  
> creams ... I will have to take a pass.

Agreed. Luckily for the manufacturers of these products, there are  
millions upon millions of people in the world who don't give a hoot  
what Americans think is bizarre or tasty. And considering some of the  
things Americans don't think bizarre and do think tasty, this might  
not be such a bad deal for anyone...


"Most men worry about their own bellies, and other people's souls,  
when we all ought to worry about our own souls, and other people's  
			-- Rabbi Israel Salanter

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