[Sca-cooks] OOP - Weird American food?

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Fri Jul 18 05:17:32 PDT 2008

Well...it's very similar to the blintz concept actually....you have a kind
of thin pancake filled with ricotta or other cheese and then you can opt for
a fruit topping (usually one of those syrupy kinds!).  So I don't see that
as something weird but rather one that I'd enjoy.  And I do fall in with the
crowd that uses salt on things like melon and grapefruit!

Now if you want weird...my husband's favorite sandwich is peanut
butter/butter/catsup....AAaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggggghhh!  I can see peanut butter
and bacon...kind of reminds me of a wonderful Virginia delicacy, peanut


On Thu, Jul 17, 2008 at 10:17 PM, Jane Boyko <jboyko at magma.ca> wrote:

> Mmmm, that sounds delish!!!
>> Many of the desserts were made in bombes - i'd only seen them on display
>> when i was a kid - clearly they'd gone out of use in the US after WWII. So
>> the bombe - a mold - would be lined with, oh, say, raspberry sherbet, then
>> filled with, oh, say, strawberry ice cream (while they were still soft),
>> then frozen. Served with chantilly (that's whipped cream) and a coulis of
>> red fruit... This is an example - i do remember that at least one eaten by
>> our crowd was very red fruity, but i really don't remember any of the
>> others.
>> It was so elegant and Edwardian. The place probably ceased to exist
>> decades ago.
>> But i'm not surprised that ice cream in a soda and pureed ice creams are
>> not welcome with meals by the French.
> What about Beaver Tails (deep fried pastry served with granulated sugar and
> cinnamon) I know these have different names in other places.  We had some
> visitors from Norway and introduced them this delicacy and they were
> absolutely appalled at the volume of sugar on it.
> I know many of my friends have issues when I make strawberry, or other
> fruit perogies, and serve them with sour cream and a bit of salt.
> My parents made bacon and strawberry jam sandwiches (toasted).
> Marina
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