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I've heard that called "Texas Toast", but it sounds to me like what
the Irish call fried bread... of course the bread may be different.

Adamantius  > > > > > >

Master A,  you may be reading this differently than I am . . . I  
think of
toasted and then buttered rather than browned in butter.  I think the  
Toast", though, is a play on the big piece of bread and everything  
big in
Texas theme.  The Texas Toast is getting thinner and thinner in GA these

niccolo difrancesco>>>

Yes, Niccolo is describing what I had in mind. I said browned and  
buttered since that is how it is usually served in restaurants. I  
probably should have said "toasted" rather than browned. I couldn't  
remember if they sell this thick sliced bread in the store named as  
"Texas Toast" or something else. I suspect that Niccolo may also be  
right in the idea that the name comes from the slices being bigger. I  
guess "Alaskan Toast" would have a different marketing image, even  
though it would fit the "larger" image.

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