[Sca-cooks] doctor's advice was lethal drinks

Arianwen ferch Arthur caer_mab at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 20 00:54:18 PDT 2008

It is a good thing to listen to your doctor's advice,
but your doctor cannot give you good advice if he/she
does not know all the details about what you are
taking and or eating.

Everything your are taking needs to be considered,
from all doctors and the dentist too!

and sometimes even the doctors do not know about all
the possible "drug" interactions, but the pharmacist
usually has more training and knowledge about drug
interactions, so ask.
  Little things can make a really big difference,
taking your vitamin c with milk is a waste of time and
money.  Have your morning orange juice when you first
get up, after you get dressed (at least 30 min later)
have you milk with cereal, coffee etc, otherwise wait
about 2 hours after milk to have your OJ or vitamin C

and PLEASE, trim posts,  I get the daily digest (which
sometimes comes 6 or more times a day) with multiple
messages appended to multiple replies.  I'd like to
read everyone's post, but in skimming past the stuff I
think I've read I miss good things!



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