[Sca-cooks] SCA 50th Anniversary Challenge

Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Mon Jul 21 09:23:02 PDT 2008

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> I think anyone on this list should be capable of coming up with 50
> more disparate items that will stretch their abilities more.

I agree, at least some should, but my list was off-the-cuff, in
response to a suggestion that it would be hard to come up with 50
spices to candy, or words to that effect. It was also a challenge to
come up with more. So, where's your list?

Adamantius  > > > > > > >

I accept the challenge to come up with more, and thereby modify it to meet
Stefan's complaint . . . let's add all sorts of traveling and preserved food
items.  You can get into an entire world of techniques and processes that
can lead to an understanding of about 5 months worth of eating habits . . .

Smoked meats
Lucanian sausages
Salted meats
Salted fish (different techniques)
Fermented fish sauce (garam . . . nuoc mam)
Dried fruits of various types
Pickled fruits and vegetables
Pickled meat

Marmalade  (pectin set and sugar set)
Mustard sauces (must be a dozen of these alone)

Sauces could actually get you to 50 if you tried, and separated some sauces
from the meats in some recipes.  Some other sauces are fairly shelf sturdy,
like cameline, green sauces, and the like.

Now we have categrories that are sprawling, but not TOO much . . . .

pacem et 50,
niccolo difrancesco

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