[Sca-cooks] Disagreeing Politely: Was: SCA 50th AnniversaryChallenge

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 21 09:52:43 PDT 2008

I would dearly like to hang out with Her Excellency and really get 
fluent with the making of dragees.  Yes, I tried it once but it clearly 
warrants a lot more practice.  Especially with nuts!  How do you get an 
adequate number of sugar-layers on and yet keep them from burning?

Selene, not quoting quite as much.

Elise Fleming wrote:
> At the risk of being fussed at for quoting too much, I'm going to leave the
> original stuff intact, below, because I can't figure out where to shorten
> it!  I think, Good Master A, that I am disagreeing with you - sort of - and
> agreeing with Stefan - sort of - when he said that those items weren't all
> separate things.  I probably would class all the comfits as one, and the
> dragees as another.  It's something like chocolate pudding, vanilla
> pudding, coconut pudding, etc. Shoud they be classes as three separate
> items or all one type (puddings)?  For the purpose of the 50th Anniversary
> Challenge, I'd say that someone would be fudging the idea of the challenge
> if they classed these as three separate projects.  So, counting caraway,
> anise (and possibly cinnamon) comfits as three separate projects would be
> missing the concept of the challenge.  They, in my fussy opinion, would be
> one item done three ways.  The almond and hazelnut dragees could
> conceivably be a second project.
> Ah, well.  It wasn't a serious fuss - just a minor, no-coffee-yet, early
> morning fuss because I haven't fussed for a few weeks and I'm panicking
> about getting ready for Pennsic.
> Alys, quoting the whole thing below
> Elise Fleming
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