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Antonia Calvo ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
Mon Jul 21 15:16:15 PDT 2008

Dragon wrote:

>> Oh, don't get me started... and definitely don't get me started on 
>> vegans...
> They baffle me.
> I've never understood the "moral" or "ethical" issues that have been 
> stated by many as the root of their choices. I grew up raising rabbits 
> and eating them, going fishing, and would have gone hunting too had I 
> had the opportunity.

It's not that, actually.  I don't really care what people eat or why, 
and I do understand their ethical concerns, although I don't agree with 
them.  What bugs me is that vegans often seem to have the most 
highly-developed senses of entitlement of any identifiable group of 
people with food issues.

> But you know what really disturbs me?
> The people who will order a steak well-done. I can vaguely understand 
> medium-rare, but well-done is an abomination... tragic... it's just 
> not right.

That too.  Such a waste.  (Generally, though, we have very good eaters 
here-- I've served fairly rare tuna at an event and it all got gobbled up).

Antonia di Benedetto Calvo

Habeo metrum - musicamque,
hominem meam. Expectat alium quid?
-Georgeus Gershwinus

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