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My response to that kind of spoiled demand would have been simple, profane, 
anatomically challenging, and unsuitable for publication in most venues.
Besides which, she wouldn't have gotten either dish from me, because 
beans-and-rice (in the format I'm assuming she referred to) aren't period, 
and I don't know that some sort of special squash ravioli is, either.  At my 
most polite, I would have referred her to the frozen food section of the 
local market, and recommended an "Amy's" frozen dinner or something....
I've never had to (personally) deal with any ultra-fussy vegetarians or 
vegans.  We have a few people who do the faux-allergy thing ("allergic" to 
pork or something when it's a sensitivity at best and an annoying pickiness 
at worst), but we (local cooks) are aware of them and work around it 
whenever possible.  It's annoying, for sure, but not worth the argument when 
the "allergic one" in an old lady in her 90s... or a baron who hates even 
the smell of fish.  Most local food issues for folks are with new world 
foods anyways, so it's easy enough to avoid.

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> We recently had a lovely new couple move in from out of Kingdom and
> they are both vegetarians. I had a very ... interesting ...
> conversation with one of them regarding feast. During that
> conversation she made it quite clear to me that as far as she was
> concerned the cook had an obligation to not only make sure that there
> were foods that vegetarians could eat but that I needed to make sure
> that I provided the appropriate dishes in the appropriate combinations
> so that vegetarians were provided with a complete protein.
> She went on to talk about serving beans with rice, but I had to make
> sure it was brown rice not white. And something like a Squash ravioli,
> but the pasta needed to be whole wheat ...
> What do y'all think about the viability of or my responsibility to
> meet this expectation? Is it reasonable? 

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