[Sca-cooks] Vegetarian & Vegans was Re: lethal drinks

Lady Celia CeliadesArchier at cox.net
Tue Jul 22 22:00:48 PDT 2008

Serena da Riva asked:
<<What do y'all think about the viability of or my responsibility to
meet this expectation? Is it reasonable?>>

No.  Not only is it unreasonable, it was rude.  And it's just the type of
"attitude of entitlement" that the other posters were talking of. 

As feast steward it is your job to provide a feast which is well prepared
and enjoyable to the majority of the populace.  You will never be able to
satisfy everyone, but what is entirely beyond your purview is to attempt to
provide complex combinations for every individual diner. All of this is
beside the fact that her nutritional information is wrong Research has shown
that it is not necessary to eat specific combinations of vegetable proteins
in the same dish to get a 'complete protein'.  Our systems break those
proteins down into their composite amino acids before they use them anyway,
so all that is required for good nutrition is for a vegetarian to get a good
balance of all of the required amino acids in their overall diet.  They
don't even have to get them all in the same day, or the same meal, much less
the same course, anymore then omnivores need to get 25% of their RDA of
every required macro-nutrient, mineral, vitamin, etc. in each dish to have a
balanced nutritional program.

For someone like this diner I would have had to bite my tongue not to tell
her that "Vegetarianism was rare in period, and since I'm attempting to
provide a period feast, I feel no more need to cater to modern vegetarian
whim than I do to serve Big Macs.  Document just one feast for me where your
rules were followed in period and I'll consider making it.  Otherwise,
you'll have to make do with the courtesy of my trying to ensure that you
have foods that you can eat and which you will enjoy at my feasts."  

In service, 

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