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Adamantius said:
<<< Elsewhere he speaks of a grilling process called a carbonado, which
involves flat pieces of meat such as steaks, pieces of flank or what
we'd call skirt, breasts of lamb, and such, cooked on a rectangular
gridiron covered with little hooked spikes to hold the meat in place,
because the grill not level; it is propped up and semi-inclined at an
angle in front of the fire. Some of the meats suitable for
carbonadoing are parboiled (I guess the tough, fatty ones like breast
of lamb or veal, spare ribs, etc.), while the thin, tender cuts,
perhaps split poultry or the thin, outermost layer of lean meat from a
rib roast section, are broiled from a raw state. He says the outer
layer of the rib roast engenderyth wantonness. Yeah, I can see  
that ;-).>>>

For more on carbonado, you might want to look at this article by  
Adamantius in the FOOD-MEATS section of the Florilegium:
Carbonadoes-art   (14K)  6/19/97    "Carbonadoes" by Adamantius. A  
                                        "barbecued" meat dish.

<<< Speaking very generally, and without too much hard info to back  
it up,
I'm inclined to guess the black-and-blue porterhouse steak is more of
a nineteenth-century thing. >>>

What's a "black-and-blue" porterhouse steak? Somehow, beating the  
live steer until it is black-and-blue doesn't seem like the right  
thing to do and the adrenaline would likely have an adverse effect...

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