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> I couldn't care less to be honest if that is part of a 
>planned diet like South Beach. I think these plans are a 
>false hope for people unless they make a commitment to 
>lasting change in their dietary habits. 

but it does get changes made... getting rid of the bread, 
chips, soda, etc. in the house is a good thing.  i have 
lost 15 lbs since war (long and slow i know) and i 
strongly believe a lot of it was portion control.  whether 
menopause or stress at work or my stomach shrunk at war, 
 admittedly i didn't eat much through worrying about the 
husband in the ER and hospial 30 miles away (pnuemonia). 

with the oh so convenient 'bad goodies' out of the house, 
you have to think more about what and how much you are 

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