[Sca-cooks] South Beach

Martha Oser osermart at msu.edu
Wed Jul 23 19:38:24 PDT 2008

I said:
> This is not stopping me from having a glass of orange juice a couple of 
> times a week.  >:)  >>

Lady Celia said:
> Ummm... then you're not actually doing "Phase 1" and you aren't actually
> detoxing, so you're not going to get anywhere. 

That's why I said we were only doing South Beach - sort of - and not being 
really hard core about it. 

b) you'll be more used
> to using fruit as an accompaniment, rather than by itself, so that there are
> other foods eaten at the same time which will slow down the glucose
> spike/insulin spike dynamic.  

I typically have eaten fruit as an accompaniment to other foods.  An apple 
with a grilled cheese sandwich, for example.  Or a banana with toast with 
peanut butter on it. 

> The fabulous way that you feel *after* you get through induction
> successfully is why some of us who are insulin intolerant and who have a lot
> of weight to lose actually stay on "induction" (or "in Phase 1") for much
> longer... because we no longer have the highs and lows of constant
> sugar/insulin spikes. And once these highs and lows stop, that's when you
> start having *energy* and start feeling like exercising as well. 

I already do 45 minutes on the elliptical 3 times a week, the alternate days 
I do a routine of light weight/resistance training, and walk outside as much 
as possible all days. 

> (That's when you stop feeling tired  an hour or so
> after a meal, and start having energy consistently throughout the day, and
> stop craving things...) 

None of these things apply to me now.  These things did not apply to me last 
week, before we started this process. 

> Something which can be helpful to get you past that cranky and whiny part is
> finding the things that you *love* that are appropriate during induction and
> giving yourself "treats".  

LOL  Forgive me, but I can safely say there is nothing on the approved list 
for Phase 1 that I *love* enough to consider an indulgence.  I am getting by 
on almonds because I like them and they take time to chew, so they make me 
feel like I'm eating something. 

*ice cream*
> (that's a little harder - there are a few low carb/sugar free ones that are
> available commercially, but my Mom bought me one of those small freezer bowl
> ice cream makers and a book on making ice cream and I learned to make my own
> sugar free ice cream with splenda and cream which I enjoy more), etc.

Actually, I have just found some recipes for ice cream that uses nonfat 
sweetened condensed milk that sound really good.  But that's a project for 
after War... 

> going out for surf and turf 

I don't do shellfish. 

or having a crustless quiche lorraine for 

Eggs = gak. 

I'm glad you feel a carb control lifestyle works for you and you're finding 
enjoyment in it, but it's being a struggle for me. 


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