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Lady Celia CeliadesArchier at cox.net
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>From what you're saying, though, you're not "doing South Beach - sort of..."
You're not actually doing South Beach at all.  Induction or "detoxing" is an
integrated part of South Beach.  It's not a matter of being "fanatic." It's
a matter of biochemical process.  What it sounds like you're doing is just
cutting back on carbs and focusing on eliminating 'bad carbs'.  

Which is Great! It actually sounds like you probably don't need to be doing
an actual carb control program if you're doing well with all the sugar
you're putting into your system.  Some folks do tolerate natural carbs (like
fructose & whole grains) very well. While a high percentage of the populace
is "insulin intolerant" or "type x" folks, it's not all of us by any
stretch.  So from what you say below, it sounds like you don't actually
*need* induction, and you're just using the South Beach guidelines to help
remove a little more 'bad carbs' from your diet and to move farther along
your path to a nutritional plan that works for you.  And in that case I'd
just keep doing what I was doing, and not worry about the fact that oatmeal
isn't on the list.  If you're tolerating O.J., there's no reason you
shouldn't tolerate oatmeal or high protein whole grain cereals.  

But that's not "doing South Beach", not even "sort of."  And the reason I'm
so adamant about it is that it's exactly what I was saying before... it
propagates misinformation about how these control carb plans work, why they
work, and who they work for.  One doesn't have to be on one of the well
known carb control plans to be eating their carbs reasonably... which sounds
like exactly what you're doing.  And that being the case, the "rules" about
induction don't apply, as you're not *in* induction anyway. 


And I'm assuming you're kidding when you mention "sweetened condensed milk"
in connection with carb control ;-) 

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I said:
> This is not stopping me from having a glass of orange juice a couple of 
> times a week.  >:)  >>

Lady Celia said:
> Ummm... then you're not actually doing "Phase 1" and you aren't actually
> detoxing, so you're not going to get anywhere. 

That's why I said we were only doing South Beach - sort of - and not being 
really hard core about it. 

b) you'll be more used
> to using fruit as an accompaniment, rather than by itself, so that there
> other foods eaten at the same time which will slow down the glucose
> spike/insulin spike dynamic.  

I typically have eaten fruit as an accompaniment to other foods.  An apple 
with a grilled cheese sandwich, for example.  Or a banana with toast with 
peanut butter on it. 

> The fabulous way that you feel *after* you get through induction
> successfully is why some of us who are insulin intolerant and who have a
> of weight to lose actually stay on "induction" (or "in Phase 1") for much
> longer... because we no longer have the highs and lows of constant
> sugar/insulin spikes. And once these highs and lows stop, that's when you
> start having *energy* and start feeling like exercising as well. 

I already do 45 minutes on the elliptical 3 times a week, the alternate days

I do a routine of light weight/resistance training, and walk outside as much

as possible all days. 

> (That's when you stop feeling tired  an hour or so
> after a meal, and start having energy consistently throughout the day, and
> stop craving things...) 

None of these things apply to me now.  These things did not apply to me last

week, before we started this process. 

> Something which can be helpful to get you past that cranky and whiny part
> finding the things that you *love* that are appropriate during induction
> giving yourself "treats".  

LOL  Forgive me, but I can safely say there is nothing on the approved list 
for Phase 1 that I *love* enough to consider an indulgence.  I am getting by

on almonds because I like them and they take time to chew, so they make me 
feel like I'm eating something. 

*ice cream*
> (that's a little harder - there are a few low carb/sugar free ones that
> available commercially, but my Mom bought me one of those small freezer
> ice cream makers and a book on making ice cream and I learned to make my
> sugar free ice cream with splenda and cream which I enjoy more), etc.

Actually, I have just found some recipes for ice cream that uses nonfat 
sweetened condensed milk that sound really good.  But that's a project for 
after War... 

> going out for surf and turf 

I don't do shellfish. 

or having a crustless quiche lorraine for 

Eggs = gak. 

I'm glad you feel a carb control lifestyle works for you and you're finding 
enjoyment in it, but it's being a struggle for me. 


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