[Sca-cooks] South Beach (was Re: Rice)

Lady Celia CeliadesArchier at cox.net
Wed Jul 23 19:50:08 PDT 2008

Marie asked (about the South Beach program, I believe): 
<<Can you have any grains at all? There are some very nice high-protein 
cereals out there.>>

If you're on Phase I, what Atkins calls "Induction" and we've been calling
"detox", you can't actually have starches of any kind in Phase I, so no
grains. And also no fruit.  The allowed food lists (which tell only a small
part of the story) for that two week period are here: 


Once you pass induction you can slowly add some starches (including whole
grains) and some fruits back into your diet.  You learn which kind to avoid
on a regular basis, but in both cases almost nothing is entirely forbidden,
not even "bad" foods - it's just recommended that you avoid them normally
and use them very sparingly. Atkins has 4 phases, while South Beach has only
3.  The last phase on both programs is Lifetime Maintenance.  South Beach is
more flexible in a lot of areas and has you count "servings", Atkins is more
flexible when it comes to fats and dairy and has you count "net carbs".
South Beach focuses on your target weight and then provides for maintenance
with a slightly less restricted number of servings.  Atkins is very
customized - using gradual addition of carbs to your diet to find your carb
"equilibrium.  As you're losing weight, you add 5g/day every week to your
allowed carbs and then back off when you find what level of carbs your body
will tolerate. 

<< Also, try smoothies made with fruit (if you can have it) 
and some dairy, and some extra whey-protein isolate to bump the protein some
more. >>

You can't have fruit smoothies on Phase 1 (Induction) on either program, but
you can have them after Phase 1 on both programs, with some fruits (berries
are best - lowest GI/GL, highest nutrient values.) 

<<If you can, add a T or two of good peanut butter. (Watch it with the 
whey protein--you want one that's *just* whey protein, and not one of the
varieties that's got additional crap like sweeteners in it).>>

Just as you want to get good, natural (no sugar added!) peanut butter :) 


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