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Ahh...see, with what I'm doing, no "induction" or "detox" phase, you just 
dive right in.  I know how many calories I'm supposed to be eating to lose 
about 2 lbs/week (this is based on things like weight, height, gender, and 
base activity level, and does decrease as you lose weight, although you 
never go below 1200 for a woman, or 1500 for a guy).  And I know my 
macronutrient ratios (percentages of fat/carbs/protein).  The rest is up to 
me--there are menus available, and lots of recipes, but it's quite flexible. 
I really like it, although it does tend to drive non-foodies insane.  And 
there's a big emphasis on eating fresh/local/organic.  If I want, I can plan 
for, and eat, an ice cream bar, or some organic dark chocolate, or even a 
shot of tequila.  Or good, natural peanut butter.  I've never been a fan of 
that stuff, but I've developed a fondness for a snack comprising half a 
large apple, sliced, with a couple of teaspoons of the p.b. to put on the 
apple.  Nice combo of carbs/fat/protein to get me through the afternoon....
(I should add that there's a fair amount of exercise involved, as well. 
Base minimum of 5 hours a week--4 days of mixed weight training/cardio 
intervals, and 1 day with an extended cardio session.  All of it do-able at 
home with a minimum of equipment.)

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> Marie asked (about the South Beach program, I believe):
> <<Can you have any grains at all? There are some very nice high-protein
> cereals out there.>>
> If you're on Phase I, what Atkins calls "Induction" and we've been calling
> "detox", you can't actually have starches of any kind in Phase I, so no
> grains. And also no fruit.  The allowed food lists (which tell only a 
> small
> part of the story) for that two week period are here:
> http://www.southbeach-diet-plan.com/shoppinglist_p1.htm
> http://www.atkins.com/Program/FourPhases/WhatIsInduction/AcceptableFoodsList
> .aspx
> Once you pass induction you can slowly add some starches (including whole
> grains) and some fruits back into your diet.  You learn which kind to 
> avoid
> on a regular basis, but in both cases almost nothing is entirely 
> forbidden,
> not even "bad" foods - it's just recommended that you avoid them normally
> and use them very sparingly. Atkins has 4 phases, while South Beach has 
> only
> 3.  The last phase on both programs is Lifetime Maintenance.  South Beach 
> is
> more flexible in a lot of areas and has you count "servings", Atkins is 
> more
> flexible when it comes to fats and dairy and has you count "net carbs".
> South Beach focuses on your target weight and then provides for 
> maintenance
> with a slightly less restricted number of servings.  Atkins is very
> customized - using gradual addition of carbs to your diet to find your 
> carb
> "equilibrium.  As you're losing weight, you add 5g/day every week to your
> allowed carbs and then back off when you find what level of carbs your 
> body
> will tolerate.
> << Also, try smoothies made with fruit (if you can have it)
> and some dairy, and some extra whey-protein isolate to bump the protein 
> some
> more. >>
> You can't have fruit smoothies on Phase 1 (Induction) on either program, 
> but
> you can have them after Phase 1 on both programs, with some fruits 
> (berries
> are best - lowest GI/GL, highest nutrient values.)
> <<If you can, add a T or two of good peanut butter. (Watch it with the
> whey protein--you want one that's *just* whey protein, and not one of the
> varieties that's got additional crap like sweeteners in it).>>
> Just as you want to get good, natural (no sugar added!) peanut butter :)
> --Celia

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