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Small world-I was born on December 15, 10 days early. The Year? it was the year of the Snake. 
I did have a couple of birthday parties, with friends from Church and School, but Dad could only put up with a houseful of giggly girls for so long and so often <G>
Besides, Dad was a Minister. Christmas was always a very busy time for all of us. 

And then, when I hit College, it was always in the middle of finals. One semester, I had three finals on my birthday. 

I hear ya about the name thing. I have a younger brother, but he didn't get the J. D.-he got the Grandfather's J. T.
It is truly amazing how popular the name James has become!


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I have a son that was born on Dec. 12 and my husband's birthday is Dec. 15. When he told me that he had never had a birthday party or anything special because of the proximity to Christmas, I "politely" informed him that that was "nonsense" and that he and our son would have birthday celebrations....and they do!?
As a parent, I apologize for yours.....Happy Birthday a wee bit ahead of time.?
Aside from that I had to tell you that when I was born the argument was which Grandmother would I be named after. Maternal was Bertha Anna and the paternal was Ebra Lutillia. Praise be my parents did not chose either and named me after both of themselves...Mar form Marjorie and Cha from Charles. Marcha pronounced marsha. Yes I had "fun" with that while growing up.?
I also had a paternal uncle named J.E.....?
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> If I had been a boy, I would have received the dreaded James David Moniker > (Grandfather and Great-Grandfather). Yes, I would have been called 'J.D.'?
> Am I the only one who sees this as 'Jaded Knight' ??
> How did the family handle my Birthday? One Grandmother would send me a 5 > dollar bill in a birthday card, and say it was for both my birthday and > Christmas. The other Grandmother always gave me clothes on my Birthday and > a toy or jewelry?at Christmas (she died when I was 14)?
> Somewhere around the age of ten, I informed the parental units that my > birthday cakes were Christmas Cakes, not Birthday Cakes-too many snowmen > and Santas. I wanted a normal birthday cake...after that, I got either > roses on the cake, or I got Dobach (sp) from a German bakery in new > Orleans...I miss those cakes.?
> I like the idea of celebrating Unbirthdays! It is a great way to let folks > know how much you appreciate them being in your life!?
> Happy UnBirthday, Everyone!!!!?
> Helen?
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> Helen mentioned:??
> ??
> <<< I was born at Christmas time. It is only through the intervention of > my Mother and Aunt Ruth that sanity prevailed.??
> My Father wanted to name me Merry Christmas...??
> Our last name is Knight??
> ??
> Helen??
> MKA-Carol Knight >>>??
> ??
> At least they didn't name you "Wilde".??
> ??
> How did your family handle birthdays? One of my nieces was born on > Christmas day, so for quite a number of years the family also celebrated > her half-birthday.??
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