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sorry but his name was J.E....didn't stand for anything.  I once asked my 
Grandfather, James Clinton Caffey, why and he told me that after 12 children 
they ran out of names.  True story.
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> Small world-I was born on December 15, 10 days early. The Year? it was the 
> year of the Snake.
> I did have a couple of birthday parties, with friends from Church and 
> School, but Dad could only put up with a houseful of giggly girls for so 
> long and so often <G>
> Besides, Dad was a Minister. Christmas was always a very busy time for all 
> of us.
> And then, when I hit College, it was always in the middle of finals. One 
> semester, I had three finals on my birthday.
> I hear ya about the name thing. I have a younger brother, but he didn't 
> get the J. D.-he got the Grandfather's J. T.
> It is truly amazing how popular the name James has become!
> Helen
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> I have a son that was born on Dec. 12 and my husband's birthday is Dec. 
> 15. When he told me that he had never had a birthday party or anything 
> special because of the proximity to Christmas, I "politely" informed him 
> that that was "nonsense" and that he and our son would have birthday 
> celebrations....and they do!?
> As a parent, I apologize for yours.....Happy Birthday a wee bit ahead of 
> time.?
> Aside from that I had to tell you that when I was born the argument was 
> which Grandmother would I be named after. Maternal was Bertha Anna and the 
> paternal was Ebra Lutillia. Praise be my parents did not chose either and 
> named me after both of themselves...Mar form Marjorie and Cha from 
> Charles. Marcha pronounced marsha. Yes I had "fun" with that while growing 
> up.?
> I also had a paternal uncle named J.E.....?
> Shalom,?
> Bertha?
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> ?
>> If I had been a boy, I would have received the dreaded James David 
>> Moniker > (Grandfather and Great-Grandfather). Yes, I would have been 
>> called 'J.D.'?
>> Am I the only one who sees this as 'Jaded Knight' ??
>> How did the family handle my Birthday? One Grandmother would send me a 5 
>>  > dollar bill in a birthday card, and say it was for both my birthday and 
>>  > Christmas. The other Grandmother always gave me clothes on my Birthday 
>> and > a toy or jewelry?at Christmas (she died when I was 14)?
>> Somewhere around the age of ten, I informed the parental units that my > 
>> birthday cakes were Christmas Cakes, not Birthday Cakes-too many snowmen 
>>  > and Santas. I wanted a normal birthday cake...after that, I got either 
>>  > roses on the cake, or I got Dobach (sp) from a German bakery in new > 
>> Orleans...I miss those cakes.?
>> I like the idea of celebrating Unbirthdays! It is a great way to let 
>> folks > know how much you appreciate them being in your life!?
>> Happy UnBirthday, Everyone!!!!?
>> Helen?
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>> Helen mentioned:??
>> ??
>> <<< I was born at Christmas time. It is only through the intervention of 
>>  > my Mother and Aunt Ruth that sanity prevailed.??
>> My Father wanted to name me Merry Christmas...??
>> Our last name is Knight??
>> ??
>> Helen??
>> MKA-Carol Knight >>>??
>> ??
>> At least they didn't name you "Wilde".??
>> ??
>> How did your family handle birthdays? One of my nieces was born on > 
>> Christmas day, so for quite a number of years the family also celebrated 
>>  > her half-birthday.??
>> ??
>> Stefan??
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