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My brother's is the 4th of July (big celebration--Independence Day in the 
U.S.), and my sister's is *almost* on St Patrick's Day (mostly silly, 
slightly ethnic holiday here).  Mine? *snort* I get Grover Cleveland's 
birthday....(one of the more boring of the US Presidents).  When I was a 
kid, I was forever jealous of Jim (my bro), because he got the picnic, and 
the fireworks, and the homemade ice cream, and mine was just an ordinary 
birthday.  In retrospect, though, I really miss what evolved as my dad's 
usual present for me, which was an expedition for huckleberry picking.  It 
became our thing--they ripen here, end of July/early August, and *only* grow 
in the wild, and I've always been a *serious,* kick-ass picker, and he knew 
a LOT of good places, from all his years in the Forest Service and as a 
timber consultant.
I miss them both, a lot.....

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> My sister's is Christmas day.
> -- 
> Antonia di Benedetto Calvo 

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