[Sca-cooks] Puzzle Jugs Forgot To Change the Heading!

Daniel & Elizabeth Phelps dephelps at embarqmail.com
Sun Jun 1 09:28:40 PDT 2008

Lady Huette wrote:

> My husband, Master Hroar, doesn't make the Exeter puzzle jug, because he 
> really doesn't like
> the figures involved.  But he make several other puzzle jugs.
> http://www.twoheartsentwinedpottery.com/
> The classic 15th/16th century puzzle jug and the Brill-Boarstall puzzle 
> jug, which is a very
> different puzzle jug.
> There is an Irish puzzle jug found during an excavation of Dublin Bay 
> which was also very unique
> in that it has monkeys swordfighting knights on it.  I have been trying to 
> inspire Hroar to make
> one of these, but he hasn't done so yet.
> One of our apprentices, formerly Mercy the Potter, now Azekura no Mashi, 
> is working on the Exeter
> puzzle jug as I write this.  I will send links to her photos of it when 
> she finishs this project.
I looked at the illustrations and was mightly impressed.  Would that I had 
his skill.  Are there any links to images of the originals mentioned above? 
I was also wondering about fuddle cups which appear to be several cups (3?) 
cojoined such that they must be drunk in a certain sequence to prevent a 


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