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Fuddle Cups are mentioned and imaged in this site.


Don't know if they are period.  I do have a flask that is a reproduction of 
one from just out of our period that is made in the shape of a small book. 
You drink from a hole that lies in from the spine at the toop, i.e from 
between the pages.  Does anyone know if such were period?   Side note I've 
an image of a jug that looks just like a leather "cask"  that is 
documentable to the last century of our period.


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> Daniel mentioned:
> <<< I was also wondering about fuddle cups which appear to be several 
> cups (3?)
> cojoined such that they must be drunk in a certain sequence to prevent a
> spill. >>>
> I had a little bit of info on puzzle jugs, and even have one of  Master 
> Hroar's here at home, but not enough to create a file on them.  Now with 
> the recent messages, perhaps I do. Thanks
> However, this is the first I've heard of "fuddle cups". Does anyone  have 
> more info on these or references to them? Or perhaps a link to a  picture 
> of one? I'm having a bit of trouble imagining how they might  be cojoined 
> to make them have to be drunk in a specific sequence.  Does anyone know of 
> anyone making these?
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