[Sca-cooks] "Fresh" Cheese Question

Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Mon Jun 2 11:00:41 PDT 2008

Doc wrote:

>A related sidenote:  "nesshe" (or "nesche") here is
>probably not a transcription/copy error for "fresh",
>but is most likely spelled as intended.  "Nesche" is
>the Middle-English word for "soft", so the recipe as
>written is calling for a soft cheese.
>If I were making such a recipe and feeling lazy, I'd
>probably use mozzarella.  However, I would also be
>curious how it would turn out using freshly-made
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With the exception of some of the ripened cheese such as Brie and 
similar ones, a "soft" cheese is also usually a fresh cheese. So I 
don't think that the use of fresh in place of "nesche" is necessarily 
wrong. I think they could be considered synonymous in this usage.


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