[Sca-cooks] "Fresh" Cheese Question

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 2 11:43:20 PDT 2008

> A related sidenote: "nesshe" (or "nesche") here is> probably not a transcription/copy error for "fresh",> but is most likely spelled as intended. "Nesche" is> the Middle-English word for "soft", so the recipe as> written is calling for a soft cheese. > - Doc But if going by "soft" cheese then it would be hard todetermine the flavor. The substitutions of mozzerella,queso blanco, farmer's cheese and such are allfairly mild but a soft cheese can be very sharp.  So, what is exactly meant by "soft" in this instance?A mozzerella or a brie? Gunthar
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