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> > does anyone know if there is an original text of the
> Latin Tacuinum available online anywhere, 
> > or failing that, which edition best to hunt down or
> buy? I want to check on the olive-garlic paste 
> > mentioned in the chapter on garlic in the Cerutti
> Tacuinum. 
> What exactly do you mean by "the Latin Tacuinum"?
> The full arabic text was edited by Elkhadem and published
> in Louvain in 1990. He says that there were
> Latin translation manuscripts (full text) from the 13th
> century on. 
> Later on, there were abbreviated text only versions in
> Latin. 
> And there are a number of picture manuscripts with some
> abbreviated Latin text version, three in Vienna, two in
> Paris, one in Liege, 
> one in Rouen, one in Grenade, and one in Rome.
> As far as I know, the Latin texts of these manuscripts
> differ from one another. E.g., the Liège Tacuinum is much
> shorter
> and does not contain an entry on garlic at all. (Or do I
> have to look up a different entry?)
> (Didn't the website of the B.IN.G.-Foundation mention a
> Tacuinum sanitatis manuscript as well?).

Ideally, as full a text edition as possible of the earliest Latin translation. I don't read Arabic, but I can figure out Latin and I want to establish whether the mention in the (sadly much abbreviated) Cerruti Tacuinum comes from the original or not. If it can be traced to the thirteenth (or even the eleventh) century, it is useful to me. If it was added by some fourteenth- or fifteenth-century physician, not so much. 



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