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Mon Jun 2 20:14:35 PDT 2008

Doc mentioned:
> Are there any
> cookbooks that beginners should definitely avoid?

I'm sure that many here will speak up about "Fabulous
Feasts" - suffice it to say it's pretty much worthless
in terms of doing research and re-creating.>>>

I, and I believe others, will disagree with Doc's comments that this  
book is "pretty much worthless in terms of doing research and re- 

While I probably would not recommend "Fabulous Feasts" as one of your  
first books, especially if you are limited in funds, it isn't a bad  
one to have in your research library. It is divided into two halves.  
The second half is the half with recipes. Almost all of these are  
totally undocumentable and many just don't taste that good on top of  
it. So don't use the second half. However the first half is actually  
pretty good on its background of medieval foods and eating.

For more reviews, both good and bad, see this file in the Florilegium  
FOOD-BOOKS section:
Fabulous-Fsts-msg (26K)  4/12/08    Reviews and comments on Madeleine  
                                        Cosman's "Fabulous Feasts".

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