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Christianna asked:
<<< I recently received a small gift certificate to Barnes and  
Noble.  I think
I can use it on line and in the store.

As a beginning period cook, what are 3 to 5 of the best period cookbooks
(in print, not outrageously priced, preferably under $50) for beginners,
or cooking library "must haves" for those just starting out?  Are  
there any
cookbooks that beginners should definitely avoid? >>>

I've just gotten started on today's digests (six!) and I can see that  
several people have already replied to this question, but let me  
suggest that there are some files in the Florilegium FOOD-BOOKS  
section which might be of interest to you.

This first one is a fairly comprehensive bibliography on period books  
about cooking and is notated as to whether which ones are good or bad.
cookbooks-bib     (44K)  2/15/04    Cookbook bib. by Mistress Jaelle  
of Armida.

This next one has some suggestions on period cookbooks for those new  
to medieval cooking:
cb-novices-msg    (13K) 10/14/98    Cookbooks for those new to  
medieval cooking.

This same section also has some files with reviews on specific books,  
as well as a series of files such as:
cookbooks-msg     (72K) 12/21/01    Reviews of cookbooks with  
medieval recipes.
                                        Messages posted before  
September 1995.
which holds reviews and comments from this list and others about  
specific cookbooks.

If you are interested in books *about* medieval food and dining,  
which are not specifically cookbooks, this file has reviews for many:
books-food-msg   (172K)  2/21/08    Books about food. Not cookbooks.

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