[Sca-cooks] Mail, could it be cooled?

V A phoenissa at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 11:13:26 PDT 2008

There are so many people subscribed to this list (hundreds? over a
thousand?) that it would be impossible to find one solution that suits
everyone.  That's why the subscription settings are individualized, so you
can set your own account to receive messages in digest form if you prefer.

I personally hate reading the digest -- things come in out of order,
responses are slowed, etc.  Plus if you want to save a message containing
useful information, you have to save the *whole* digest message, not the
individual emails.  But the list is so high-volume that I don't always want
the messages coming in with my personal mail.  So when I re-subscribed to
this list after a couple years away, I created this Gmail account *just* for
the cooks' list -- it doesn't distract me from reading personal email, I can
archive endless numbers of messages, and use the nifty "labels" function to
file messages under multiple categories (e.g., the mozzarella-making
discussion is labeled "cheese" and "italian") to search for stuff quickly.
It's like my own little florilegium. :-)  Suey, I see that you are already
using gmail, but if the digest thing doesn't work for you, making a separate
account for the cooks' list might solve your problem.  Just a thought --
hope that helps!


On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 7:13 PM, Suey <lordhunt at gmail.com> wrote:

> All my respects but I work very long hours during which time I receive
> sca-cooks messages. I am wondering if they cannot be compact into one or two
> messages per day? When my in coming bell rings with a new msg ding dongs, it
> messes me up a bit for the noise, no offense to anyone, love your subjects
> and comments but can't turn you off  for I am always waiting for my editor
> or whatever.
> Anyway, I propose to consolidate SCA messages to two times a day more or
> less at specific hours or if there is no input once a day, would that suit
> y'all?
> Suey
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