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> Heureusement, Elkhadem provides a French translation of the
> Arabic text.

All right, then I know what book to look for. Thanks! The entry in our library's ILL catalogue said 'edition'. 

> Therefore, I regret to say, that ... But perpaps you can
> draw the sad conclusion yourself. Again: So far I was only
> checking the garlic entry.

Later addition, it seems. 

> Well, the Latin passage I quoted _is_ the chapter on garlic
> in what has been called the 
> Cerruti (!) Tacuinum (the Vienna Codex 2644). I repeat the
> passage below. 
> I do not see anything that describes an olive-garlic paste
> specifically.
> Therefore, I wonder, if the translation, that David posted,
> might go back to some other 
> Tacuinum Sanitatis codex.
> What exactly is your (Giano's) source? Again: maybe I
> am looking in the wrong place ...

The text comes from the art book 'The Four Seasons of the House of Cerruti' and was translated by Judith Spencer. The problem is that it nowhere states expressly that it uses the exact text that acompanies the illustrations as its sole source. Interestingly, too, Eleanor and Terence Scully quote this exact passage (attributing it to Cod. Vindob. 2544, f. 26r.) on page 119 of 'Early French Cookery'. That is how I first stumbled on the quote. 

Surely, she must have got it from somewhere...


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