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> Ideally, as full a text edition as possible of the earliest Latin translation. 

As far as I can see, no one so far has studied the manuscripts with the earliest

Latin translations in some detail.

> I don't read Arabic, but I can figure out Latin and I want to establish whether the mention 
> in the (sadly much abbreviated) Cerruti Tacuinum comes from the original or not. If it can be traced 
> to the thirteenth (or even the eleventh) century, it is useful to me. If it was added by some 
> fourteenth- or fifteenth-century physician, not so much. 

Heureusement, Elkhadem provides a French translation of the Arabic text.

However, his translation of the garlic entry does not mention an olive-garlic paste.

On the other hand, an olive-garlic paste would be a kind of specification of the field "remotio nocumenti" in this entry.

Elkhadem translates this field as follows: "à l'aide d'acides et de graisses". In English: (One can mitigate the dangerous/harmful properties of garlic)

by using/with the help of sour things and/or by using/with the help of fat/greasy things. [one of them? both of them?]

(Speaking of "fields" here: tacuinum/taqwim means something like "table", where foods are described according to a schema with "fields" 

that relate to certain aspects of humoral theory.)

Nevertheless: the entry on garlic (page 168-169) in the Elkhadem edition does not contain a specific reference to an olive-garlic paste.

Therefore, I regret to say, that ... But perpaps you can draw the sad conclusion yourself. Again: So far I was only checking the garlic entry.

> olive-garlic paste mentioned in the chapter on garlic in the Cerutti Tacuinum

Well, the Latin passage I quoted _is_ the chapter on garlic in what has been called the 

Cerruti (!) Tacuinum (the Vienna Codex 2644). I repeat the passage below. 

I do not see anything that describes an olive-garlic paste specifically.

Therefore, I wonder, if the translation, that David posted, might go back to some other 

Tacuinum Sanitatis codex.

What exactly is your (Giano's) source? Again: maybe I am looking in the wrong place ...



Aleum: complexio calida in IIIIo [quarto], sicca in IIIo [tertio]. 

Electio: meliores ex eo, quod est modice acuitatis.

iuuamentum: contra uenena frigida et morsus scorpionum et uiperarum et interficit uermes.

Nocumentum: nocet oculis et cerebro.

Remotio nocumenti: cum aceto et oleo. 

Quid generant: humorem grossum et acutum.

conueniunt frigidis, decrepitis et senibus, hyeme et montanis et septenbrionalibus." 

(folio 26r of Codex Vindobonensis, series nova, 2644) 

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