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Grace asked:
<<< Has anyone had experience with elderflowers?  I've ordered dried  
ones  years
ago and I remember them as almost too fragrant.  My Adams  
elderflower  finally
flowered this year, and I wonder if I need to do something with  
them,  like
dry them.  Fresh, they have no scent nor flavor.

Any ideas? >>>

If you'll go to the top page of the Florilegium, and plug in  
"elderflower" there you will get nine hits. There are a number of  
recipes that reference "elderflower" including:
an elderflower pudding
This file:
cook-flowers-msg  (90K) 12/ 1/06    Cooking with flowers. Medieval  
flower dishes
    with some mention of elderflowers.
An elderflower fritter mentioned in the cookbooks-msg file.
An elderflower fritter
and elderflower vinegar in the vinegar-msg file.

There is a recipe using elderflower in this manuscript translation:
Eberhard-art      (91K)  6/29/05    A 15th century German recipe  
                                        translated by Giano Balestriere.

<<< Also, I've found references to currants but not the colors in  
anyone know if the black ones are periodish or should I just save the  
red ones  for
my SCA recipes? >>>

I can't remember the answer right now, but this has been discussed  
previously. Check this file in the FOOD-FRUITS section:
grapes-msg        (46K)  1/12/08    Period grapes, raisins and currants.

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