[Sca-cooks] Cheese chemistry and some more modern info on cheese making

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Tue Jun 3 23:06:02 PDT 2008

I am finding the book  "American Farmstead Cheese" by Paul Kindstedt to be
a really good resource for questions about cheese chemistry. I am working
my way thru the chapter on Starter cultures. Lots of chemistry and food
for thought.

Peter Dixon (website ttp://www.dairyfoodsconsulting.com/) has a series of
newsletters on making and aging cheese.  Discussions with Peter have
definitely had an impact on the way I approach cheese making.

Both of these are directed towards the farmstead and artisan cheese maker,
but have a lot of good chemistry and technique information that were
useful when I was making cheese in my kitchen. I an now making cheese 2
days a week for a goat dairy near my house. The leap from 4 gallons of
milk to 15 to 20 gallons is very interesting.

My next book to find is The Fabrication of Farmstead goat cheese by
LaJouen.  It is apparently the essential text on making lactic type
cheeses (the soft bloomy rind cheeses.)

Maeve in An TIr (Olympia, WA)

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