[Sca-cooks] Prayers for recipe timing

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Sun Jun 8 10:35:40 PDT 2008

St. Philip's original question was:
> Could anyone who happens to know which recipes direct me to the
> recipes that used various prayers for timing? There seems to be a
> similar usage going on in period smithing, and we'd like to look into
> it more.
Of Nola's recipes he calls for a Paternosters in
his recipe number  /      Brighid´s number
     xxii-1                        42                  Almodrate which 
is capirota
     xxiiii-1                       48                  Kidpie
     xliiii-2                       130                 Meat or fish pastry


_Guisados1-art_. On line Posting. June 6, 2001. April 24, 2003. Recipes 


. . . "An English translation of Ruperto de Nola's 'Libre del Coch.'" 
_Stefan's Florilegium Guisados2-art_. On line Posting. June 6, 2001. 
August 4, 2002. Recipes 180-243. 

The latter recipe calls for an Ave Maria as well. Perez, one of the 
translators of Nola from Catalan to Castellan, states that recipes 
asking for the Creed and prayers for Our Lady are also prevalent during 
this period,..

I have a feeling that Sent Sovi calls for prayers for timing but I don't 
trust my Catalan enough to translate it and put them into my computer. 
As Amazon has advised, we will be receiving the new translation soon, we 

Also I do not have the texts of  the Archpriest of Hita or Don Quijote 
in my computer but these writings deal more with gluttony or starvation 
make for bad humors or bad health than with the cook and cooking. Both 
would have to be reread in search for such an item which is a lot of 
reading for one phrase.

I do not cover Diego Granado, Phillip II's chef, but he is another 

Someone back there mentioned that the size of chicken eggs was smaller 
in the Middle Ages then now making boiling time shorter as we still do 
with partridge eggs. Also, except for the Lental season, which coincides 
with the mating season of birds, more or less, eggs from all kinds of 
fowl were consumed as today country estates, manors and woodlands 
collect various varieties of winged creatures that left and continue to 
leave eggs for the creatures who find them consumable!

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