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Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 8 22:09:34 PDT 2008


I may have to rethink my idea about my next wedding being an elopement.  That or come up with another idea for a megaparty.

Captain, I bow in your general direction.


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>Forwarded with permission.  It's OOP, but the cake is really
>spectacular.  Apologies to those who get this more than once.
>Brighid ni Chiarain
>rcarrollmann at gmail.com
>Hi there.
>Excuse the bandwidth, but...
>this last week I was asked to do a wedding cake for a Lord of the
>Rings themed wedding.  A number of the people who have heard about it
>have asked me to post the pics here so that they can see it.
>This is a picture of the finished cake
>More pics and construction pics are here.
>It came off pretty well, I think.
>Capt Elias
>Dragonship Haven, East
>(Stratford, CT, USA)

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