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Here is the website and archive (going back almost 10 years - yikes) of the cooks guild in Caerthe (Denver) in the Outlands.  I need to do some more work on it, and I should link in more photos and recipes, but you know how RL (thats real life) can go.


Good luck with your endeavor!

In Service
Gwen Cat

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> Ok.  I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on starting
> a Cooking Guild.
> I want to start one in my shire here in Ansteorra.  
> My idea was to have a meeting once a month, scheduled
> a month in advance, that would have a theme (A la Iron
> Chef).  The theme would be either an ingredient or a
> type of cooking (eggplant - ingredient or Thai -
> type).  I thought then everyone could bring a dish to
> the meeting and there would be 3 - 4 people who would
> actually make their food at the meeting and teach how
> it's made.  Everyone would bring copies of a recipe
> for their dish.  
> Does this sound like something that you guys would be
> interested in?  I've spoken to the Shire at the pop
> meeting and they said we could try it, but we don't
> always have a lot of people show up at the guild
> meetings int he area.  My feeling is that they are
> scheduling the meetings at a bad time.  I'd schedule
> mine in the late afternoon and not schedule it
> opposite events that people may want to go to.  (the
> last Fiber art's guild meeting was scheduled opposite
> a large event up in the Dallas area, the one before
> was scheduled opposite the Archery practice that is
> VERY well attended.)
> Anyway, does it sound like something interesting? 
> Just wondering.
> Maria


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