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Wed Jun 11 20:35:38 PDT 2008

Works associated with the author are:

Banchetti compositioni di vivande et apparecchio generale /
Ferrara : G. de Buglhat et A.Hucher Compagni, 1549.

Then in 1552 title changes to Libro novo nel qval s'insegna a' far 
d'ogni sorte di uiuáda secondo la diuersità de i tempi

Libro novo nel qval s'insegna a' far d'ogni sorte di uiuáda secondo la 
diuersità de i tempi ... Et il modo d'ordinar banchetti, apparecchiar 
tauole, fornir palazzi, & ornar camere ... */ *Composta per M. 
Cristofaro di Messisbugo, & hora di nouo corretta, & ristampata ...  In 
Venetia : [Ad instantia di Giouanni dalla Chiesa Pauese, 1556

Then editions in 1557, 1559, 1576, 1578, 1581, 1585, 1589, 1600, 1610, 
1617, etc.

This from Lord Westbury's Handlist of Italian Cookery Books.

The Forni edition which is still available is:

7 * Christofaro di Messisbugo,*
Libro novo nel qual s'insegna a' far d'ogni sorte di vivanda
(Venetia, 1557). (TG) Presentazione alla ristampa di G. Mantovano./ 
In-16, pp. 244, tela /

Ken Albala in Food in Early Modern Europe covers Messisbugo nicely in 
his chapter on Italy.


> Emilio Szabo wrote:
>> Georges Vicaire, in his "Bibliographie gastronomique" (online at
>> http://gallica.bnf.fr), mentions only the "Banchetti" and says, that 
>> this book
>> was published from 1552 onwards under a different title ("Libro novo 
>> ...").
>> I have not seen the 1549 edition, I have only a xerocopy of a Arnoldo 
>> Forni Editore
>> reprint of the 1557 edition of "Libro novo ...".
> Lilinah wrote:
> Ah! A sort of standard 16th century history, published under one 
> title, republished with a change of title, and published a few more 
> times, with or without changes of content.
> Thanks for the information, Emilio. I know relatively little about 
> Messisbugo, but what little i found looked interesting. Your 
> description of his work makes him sound quite valuable.
> I haven't found much of his work in English, and my Italian is limited 
> to a combination of high school Latin, restaurant menu Spanish, a good 
> deal more French, and an Italian dictionary.

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