[Sca-cooks] Athenaeus 1556 was: okay you have $7500.00 usd to build a library

emilio szabo emilio_szabo at yahoo.it
Thu Jun 12 09:47:12 PDT 2008

A while back Johnnae mentioned a fine book that I surely would love to own:

> Obviously you can take a sum of money like $7500 and go for a unique item

> like a set of confectionary literature or an early cookbook.

> Swann Galleries in New York did a sale in April on gastronomy.

> Lot 179 ATHENAEUS. Dipnosophistarum sive coenae sapientum libri XV. 

> 1556  was expected to sell for $800-$1200 and sold for $1600 plus commission.
It is the first Latin translation of Athenaeus. The Greek text first saw the press in Venice in 1514.

(I got this information from a German website on Greek texts printed in Basel:

The 1556 Latin translation by Italian humanist Natale de Conti is online in the digital collection of the 

University Library of Valencia, Spain/Catalunya:


I find it interesting, that the translator and editor provides chapter headings.

I have read somewhere that there will be a new translation of Athenaeus in the Loeb series.


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