[Sca-cooks] Guissell was Help: Word Translation

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Thu Jun 12 15:24:20 PDT 2008

Let me introduce a couple of important points here.

Guissell. (Note: Taken from Douce MS.)

Actually no --- The recipe is not in the Douce 55 MS. It's actually
in Harl. 4016 on page 87 of Austin.

Online it's here now--

Doc listed several recipes for the dish in question, but there are 
others. We list 16 in the Concordance of English Recipes.
See "jussel" for our list.

You might want to mention that soft foods like this made for easy eating 
when one ate with spoons and may have been
lacking teeth.


euriol wrote:
> I agree with the description of "stirr it faire and softe til hit come
> togidre, and crudded" indicates to me that all the broth is absorbed into
> the bread during the process. I think it would be difficult for this mass
> to come together with still liquid being abundant in it. In fact, my first
> reading of this recipe (at least 13 years ago) immediately brought to my
> mind that it was similar to StoveTop stuffing.
> And just having made cheese for the first time these past couple of months,
> the description of "and crudded" makes more sense to me now.
> Euriol

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