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Antonia Calvo ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
Thu Jun 12 15:00:08 PDT 2008

Terry Decker wrote:

>>> Guissell. (Note: Taken from Douce MS.) Take faire capon broth, or of
>>> beef, And sette hit ouer the fire, and caste therto myced sauge,
>>> parcelly and saffron, And lete boile; And streyn the white and the
>>> yolke of egges thorgh a streynour, and caste there-to faire grated
>>> brede, and medle hit togidre with thi honde, And caste the stuff to
>>> the broth into the pan; And stirre it faire and softe til hit come
>>> togidre, and crudded; And then serue it forth hote.
>> Am I missing something here?  It sounds like a broth to me, or, if 
>> you like, a soup.  Why would you call it a stuffing?
> The term "crudded" in the recipe, which means curded, or in this 
> instance, congealed.

Same question.  If it's solid(ish), it could be scrambled eggs and bread 
or savoury bread custard, but what does that have to do with stuffing?

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