[Sca-cooks] Saint Ajo

Pat Griffin ldyannedubosc at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 17 15:53:42 PDT 2008

Forwarded from the SunDragon list
This past Sunday during the traditional SunDragon clothesline rapier tourney

several incidents occurred that can not be explained by normal means.

A claim of seeing a deity-like face in the folds of a pair of sweats hanging

from the clothesline.

A fighter blinded by a moving pair of sweat pants just as he was about to 
kill the enemy commander...even though no wind was blowing.

A fighter with no weapons or arms declared the winner because his last 
opponent was "pushed" out of the field by a pair of sweat pants.

Oracles were consulted. Heavy tomes of ancient wisdom were opened and 
studied. Sheep were gutted. Swine were herded and their patterns studied. 
And only one conclusion could be reached...the dress sweats of Count Ajo 
have been declared holy relics and he is now to be known as...


Wes le genuine holy relic swatches will be available to the faithful by this

next Estrella Wally

PS. It was a great tourney. Lord Gall Fox did return to defend his title 
and once again formed a team that defeated team Fop in the best two out of 
three final round.

Lady Anne du Bosc Known as Mordonna The Cook

Mka Pat Griffin

Thorngill, Meridies

mka Montgomery, AL

"To stay young requires unceasing cultivation of the ability to unlearn old
falsehoods." From The Notebooks of Lazarus Long by R. A. Heinlein


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