[Sca-cooks] Saint Ajo

Michael Gunter countgunthar at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 18 12:41:56 PDT 2008

In case anyone was wondering what the heck all this was about
here is a bit of background.

While in Atenveldt I'd kind of created an "evil twin" on the
spur of the moment who was responsible for all the evil
that happened in Aten. The evil Count was granted control
of a shire that had been late on their taxes in the town of
Ajo, AZ.  "Ajo" is also Spanish for garlic so it seemed appropriate.
The joke had gone so far as one Crown had commanded that
"Count Ajo" wear an apron at all events so people would
know to be wary of him.

I still hear about Count Ajo in Atenveldt missives.

The sweatpants is another legend. 
While living in Atenveldt I mainly hung around with the rapier
community. Being someone unskilled in costuming and my
lady never making me clothes, I would wear what I called
my "Fancy Dress Sweats" so they wouldn't be confused with
my "Ratty Fighting Sweats" or my "Ordinary Camp Sweats".
Hey, rather thick hose are period, right?

Being one of the few members of the Chivalry who not only
tolerated but liked the rapier community, this caused them no
end of consternation and amusement.

When I moved back to Ansteorra my roommate, Master Wallace,
found a few pair of sweats I'd left. So now the sweats have
an honored place every year at the Clothesline Rapier Tournament.

I take no credit for any other divine intervention from my


"Count Ajo"

The i’m Talkathon starts 6/24/08.  For now, give amongst yourselves.

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