[Sca-cooks] Cooking with children

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Tue Jun 17 23:27:54 PDT 2008

Christianna asked about cooking with children.

My first response was going to be that you have to minimize the  
cooking time, lest they get too tough and dry... but we won't go there.

<<< Does anyone have any ideas out there for a food item that
could be made by children as part of a class using period
techniques, but does not require any actual heating or cooking?
We will be in an indoor room with a table but without any
kitchen facilities as far as I am aware.  It will be too hot at that
time of year (August in Texas)  to go outside and do a fire.
I am thinking yogurt, cheese or marzipan or something like that. >>>


Perhaps these files in the CHILDREN section of the Florilegium might  
be of use, although I'm not sure we've discussed your specific  
limitations before.

p-cook-child-msg  (15K)  7/14/04    Period cooking for children.
p-cook-child-art   (8K)  1/25/06    "Bored? Period Cooking For the Next
                                        Generation!" by Mistress  
Andrea MacIntyre
p-rcipes-chld-art (17K)  6/ 1/05    Recipes from Mistress Christianna  
                                       pamphlet on period dishes for  
child cooks.

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