[Sca-cooks] Waterbearing

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Dragon's Feasts_Caid list has anticipated the whole thing and several of us are scrambling to get our ServSafe certification.  This seems to satisfy most of the feast sites in California [and their insurance companies].

That being said... there was an article in the TI #163, 3rd quarter 2007, on "Safe Feasting" that might be worth a review.

As always:  When the Board requests input, give it to them!  They don't know your opinion by mental telepathy nor by chatting in lists that they don't happen to be on.


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>Yeah, there's quite a discussion on Chirurgeon's List, including
>whether this "cover your ass" attitude will go into banning feasts.
>Patrick (President of SCA Inc) says not, but I'm very much reminded of
>that quote about how the Nazis destroyed all the "non-Aryans" , of
>which the Jews were simply the largest and most visible group.

<snip Johannae's post of the SCA BoD letter on Waterbearing>

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