[Sca-cooks] White Lily is Relocating

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I remember hearing about White Lily; shame about this story. How did it 
happen to get sold to Smucker's anyway? That was the death knell for the 
company, it would seem.
I read an article about White Lily in a magazine, they shut down production 
during WW II rather than make their flour to the cheaper standards the gov't 
issued for wartime use.

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There's an article in the NYT this am regarding the
fact that White Lily all-purpose flour has been sold and
the milling will now take place in the Midwest.
Biscuit Bakers’ Treasured Mill Moves North


For generations of Southern bakers, the closing of the White Lily flour
mill is causing ripples of anxiety that Southern biscuits will never be
the same.

We were talking about flour just a few weeks ago and now there's this
description of US regional flours.

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