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I flew to Pennsic back in the early 90s and we had friends from our Barony,
the household with which we were camping, who came and picked us up at the
airport and got us and our luggage to the campsite to unload.  They had
driven up, and already pitched camp, so they had space by that time.

So, do you have friends who are going, who are driving - perhaps even from a
MidRealm or Meridian Kingdom, and who would be willing to come grab you at
the airport.  You could offer to defray their gas for the courtesy.  I
expect you do if you think hard enough.  Perhaps even someone on this list? 

I hear you about the sleep thing... I sleep on my side, but luckily I can
also sleep in a recliner.  I enjoy train travel and might be able to sleep
in business class seat... have never tried. 

And as for the food... my best advice would be to a) call the station and b)
also take a small cooler on board with you for healthier snacks. 

In Service,

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I'll definitely consider the train to Pennsic next year. But how does 
one get from the Pittsburgh train station to Pennsic with 100 lbs of 
baggage? A taxi would cost a bit much...

Question: When i went from (essentially) Berkeley to San Diego in 
1994 (a more than 12 hour trip), there was only greasy major corp. 
fast food on the train, but i gather that longer trips have dining 
cars. What sort of food to they have? I didn't see a menu on the 
AmTrak website last night, but i may have missed it.
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