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Nick Sasso grizly at mindspring.com
Sun Jun 22 09:03:37 PDT 2008

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As far as uncorking causing problems, wouldn't half-untwisting a cap
minimize the problems?  Just enough for co2 to get out....then re-twist.

Obviously, it's not as rigorous as a lab would require, but it might
work...and, again, a batch it didn't work on might be detectable by
flavor... > > >  >> > >

Should not be too much risk of allowing infrections in, it the bottle and
cap were sanitized at the outset.  The challenge will be avoiding ruptures
at the outset of primary fermentation.  If you are there when it starts up,
you can be fine.  If you get one of those bathces that kicks into high gear
while you're in bed, and goes like a runaway train, then you could get a
bottle bomb before you are able to release the pressure.  Not saying it's a
dead level guarantee, but is a risk of some sort.

pecem et bonum,
niccolo difrancesco

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